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      • The first order from Alibaba

        The first order from...

        For e-commerce, we to half-believe in from the strange, now and then to the firm, B2B brings us a new understanding of the pattern of trade. I remember the beginning we are cautious, not optimistic about this kind of mode, so there has been no go onl...

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      about us

      Shenzhen Unimbus Gift Pack Co., Ltd.
      Shenzhen Unimbus Gift Pack Co., Ltd.

      ShenZhen Unimbus Gift Pack Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of bags& pouches in China. We located in LongGang,Shenzhen City,China.Based?on?our? intelligent?team,?advanced?management?and?strict?quality?control,?we?exported?bags andpouches ?to?the?world?with?reasonable?price?,?high?quality


      Unimbus honor



      Why do we choose you?Great reasons to choose us !

      1>We offer free design . 2>One professional customized services. 3>MOQ : one piece for retail , 100 pieces for wholesale . 4>The fastest 24 hours lightning shipment 5>Cost-effective, value for money so that guests have a...

      [DATE] 2015 / 04 / 11

      How to order from you?

      1>You send us an inquiry. 2>We give you quotation based on the details of size/color/quantity. 3>You accept the prices, then we make samples accordingly. 4>We send samples to you for approval. . 5>Your received samples a...

      [DATE] 2015 / 04 / 11

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