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      About Us
      Contact Us



      Email: [email protected]


      Address: Room 403, Floor 4,Building 5, Area A, Gainiankongjian, No.2,Yanhe Road,Xinsheng Community, Longgang Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China. Postal:518116

      Why do we choose you?Great reasons to choose us !

      times   2015-04-11

      1>We offer free design .

      2>One professional customized services.

      3>MOQ : one piece for retail , 100 pieces for wholesale .

      4>The fastest 24 hours lightning shipment

      5>Cost-effective, value for money so that guests have a pleasant feeling.

      6>Good detail for guests to fulfill my wish, take concerns.

      7>Provides packaging solutions and services to help guests to easily make big money.

      8>100 secure& trustworthy.

      9>Excellent after-sale service.

      10>We have a lot laborious manufacturing workers with rich experience to

      produce bags and pouches every day!

      11>Professional QC to guarantee the quality.

      12>Competitive price and reliable quality.

      13>Prompt delivery and excellent service.

      14>OEM is Ok and any small orders will be acceptable.

      15>Free of lead and AOZ, compliance with European quality standard.

      16>We have certificate of SGS/REACH/OEKO-FEX

      17>Delivery 20 million piece of bags every year

      18>Delivery 30 million piece of bow /ribbon bow/pre tied bow every year

      19>Delivery 50 million pieces of elastic cord with barbs every year

      20>Delivery 25 million pieces of label every year

      21>Delivery 28 million pieces of tag every year