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      About Us
      Contact Us



      Email: [email protected]


      Address: Room 403, Floor 4,Building 5, Area A, Gainiankongjian, No.2,Yanhe Road,Xinsheng Community, Longgang Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China. Postal:518116

      How to order from you?

      times   2015-04-11

      1>You send us an inquiry.

      2>We give you quotation based on the details of size/color/quantity.

      3>You accept the prices, then we make samples accordingly.

      4>We send samples to you for approval. .

      5>Your received samples and confirmed and order.

      6>You pay 50%deposit.

      7>We start to production.

      8>After the production finished , we send you pictures of items , you pay 50% balance .

      9>We arrange shipment by sea or by air or through express company.

      10>We give you details of shipping documents for receive order.

      11>You prepare import custom and ship to your destination .