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      ribbon bow with logo printing

      times   2017-10-13

      ribbon bow with logo printing

      For the ribbon bows, there have a lots of different style for choose. Sometimes many friends use them to decorative the wine bottle,jewelry boxes when they have sales promotion on Christmas day,Halloween.

      Many people also would like to print their special logo on the bows. Yes, this one can be done totally. And how to do that? You just need to send us your logo file and then we can make for you.

      Here share some pictures of ribbon bow with logo printing with you, any interest pls contact us whenever:

      1>Bows for boxes:

      Bows for boxes

      2>Bows for bottle/wine bottle:

      Bows for bottleBows for bottle/wine bottle

      3>Bows with Christmas logo:

      Bows with Christmas logo

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