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      Email: [email protected]


      Address: Room 403, Floor 4,Building 5, Area A, Gainiankongjian, No.2,Yanhe Road,Xinsheng Community, Longgang Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China. Postal:518116

      Satin hair bags with drawstring

      times   2015-01-22

      We received an enquiry of our hair bag from Modish, there are many colors in her enquiry,but we do not what color he want,then,we sent the color card to him. After a email, he choose seven colors and we have know what hair bag he want.

      After we understand the requirements of customer, according to customer’s request,we make a seven hair bag sample for Modish. After modish receive the sample picture,he is satisfied with our hair bag and place an order immediately.

      Satin hair bags with drawstring

      After receiving the order,we deliver the goods immediately. Not too long time,customer know we have delivered the goods, he payment to us soon.

      We have a nice communication with modish and we have a happy cooperation. Not too long time, customer told us our hair bag are very hot selling and pictures attract more customers for him, he will give me continue order.

      satin hair bags with drawstring