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      Standard sizes for hair extensions packaging large size hair packaging bags

      times   2017-05-08

      Standard sizes for hair extensions packaging, large size hair packaging bags

          Wig is becoming more and more popular in the market. Customer's demand for custom satin bags hair is also growing. In my work for these years, the sales of hair packaging bags have been rising,which shows the necessity of hair bags for hair extension and this way of packaging is a popular trend. It’s not only a way of packaging or as a gift, but also a brand of publicity in the market.
      hair packaging bags

          For hair packaging, satin fabric would be the most suitable material compared to others. It has soft and luxury feeling, it’s colorful, durable and reusable too. See satin bags pictures below:

      plastic hair extensions packaging bagshair bags with tassels

          When you decide to go with a custom satin hair bag with your own logo. You need to provide your logo/size/quantity to the hair bags manufacturer

          So how to choose a suitable sizes for your hair packaging bags? That’s a really important questions for you! Because customers may buy 1-2bundles of hair, 2-3bundles hair or 3-4bundles hair. As a 10 years hair packaging bags suppliers,China luggage manufacturer we have some standard sizes below for your reference:

      6inch x 9inch fit for 1 bundles of hair

      6inch x 13inch fit for 1-2bundles of hair

      8inch x 14inch fit for 2-3bundle of hair

      10inch x 16inch fit for 3-4bundles of hair

      Remark: These bags sizes above are based on 21inch length hair. 

      hair extensions

          If you want to know more about custom hair extensions packaging bags, please feel free to contact us! We’ll do our best to satisfied your needs.

      Have a wonderful day!

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