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      Contact Us



      Email: [email protected]


      Address: Room 403, Floor 4,Building 5, Area A, Gainiankongjian, No.2,Yanhe Road,Xinsheng Community, Longgang Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China. Postal:518116

      The first order from Alibaba
      The first order from Alibaba
      For e-commerce, we to half-believe in from the strange, now and then to the firm, B2B brings us a new understanding of the pattern of trade. I remember the beginning we are cautious, not optimistic about this kind of mode, so there has been no go online t
      Satin hair bags with drawstring
      Satin hair bags with drawstring
      We are a professional supplier of satin hair bags with drawstring,customer is satisfied with our hair bags and service.